We have recently expanded our offerings to include Security Camera sales and install. We can offer turn key camera systems with 4k cameras with color night vision. And NVRs to record the cameras either 24×7 or motion only. We will setup remote access to the system via computer and mobile device. We offer new cabling or we can work with you to replace the RGB cables from your older system.

We have completed a number of large network installs for Corporate Conferences in Hotel Conference spaces around the country. In May of 2008 we are installing a large network connected to 8 T1’s to allow the organizers and attendees of i2 Planet to connect to the internet and run their demos and breakout presentations. For a little less than a week the J.W. Marriott hotel will become a satellite office. Complete with network connections, printers, LCD projectors, all the infrastructure you expect at the office.

Lots of customers are frustrated recently by the seeming barrage of Spyware and the slow downs and errors that various spy and search applications can cause. We have become skilled at cleaning and repairing the effects of spyware and have prepared a page of hints and links that can be an effective first step for people interested in trying some of our tricks themselves. We’ll be happy to help either before or after you try those steps.

A customer recently had a motherboard failure on a HP Laptop – He purchased the broken PC and a replacement at Circuit City – He asked the techs at Circuit city if they could recover his Act contact database and a few other critical files off his old PC. They told him it wasn’t possible – We recovered the files quickly and easily

With the new school year approaching we have been doing quite a bit of PC clean up. Customers with PC’s that are slowing due to age or viruses or rogue ad software or search bars.

We were called to scan the PC’s of a local small business in the mid cities for Trojan applications that could be stealing emails or data from the PC. The PC was previously maintained by a technician that had significant integrity issues and it was suspected that he may have left behind malicious software. No malicious software was found, a software firewall was installed and the customers peace of mind was restored.

We installed an 802.11g 54mb Wireless access point and DSL router in a residence in Dallas. The Higher speed 802.11g is compatible with the more common 802.11b and is 5 x faster. The router was only $40 more than the 802.11b router. The customer was thrilled to be able to share the DSL connection with the 3 windows PC’s and the Macintosh.

We were called to look at why the DSL internet connection was going up and down at a Large Limo company in Dallas. They used the internet for communication both to and from the drivers and to receive new jobs. After taking a look at the environment it was clear that the issue was not the internet connection, rather a certain PC was flooding the network with traffic blocking the internet connection. When the PC was rebooted the Internet connection would come back but would typically only last for a few minutes to a few hours. After interviewing the customer more closely it was determined that he issue started 2 weeks ago, upon investigation the PC in question was running SQL server and had been a target for the New Worm Virus called “slammer”. The customer was running an updated version of Norton Anti virus and the PC scanned a showed no viruses. The PC was updated with the SQL patch and the issue was resolved. We also installed 27 other patches to keep the PC protected in the future.

We were called to look at a number of problems at a driving school. The owner of the school had been having “dll problems ” with the PC used for accounting. A friend was called to fix the dll problem. The dll problem was repaired by using the PC’s quick restore CD. It formatted the hard disk and returned the PC to its brand new condition. In the process the accounting software and its data was lost. The owner had done a backup to CDR – But was having trouble reading the CDR. I was called in a panic. In 20 minutes we had the accounting data restored and the W2’s printed. We also reestablished the DSL connection that was lost and reconfigured Outlook to retrieve the 3 email addresses used. We also repaired a 2nd computer that stopped printing. And showed the customer an easier, cheaper more reliable way to back up data. This took 2 hours. The customer was VERY happy.

We were called to install DSL at a North Dallas house. The Owners have 4 PC’s. They wanted to share the DSL connection to all 4 PC’s including using WiFi 802.11 wireless on the 2 laptops. We also diagnosed a noise on the phone line that started after DSL was installed.

Other customers are interested in reviving old PC’s for children, relatives, friends. Depending on the age of the PC in many cases if the PC is more than a few years old it is NOT worth dedicating labor at $75 an hour to fix. In the end you will have a 3 year old PC that cost you 150-250 or more to fix. In some cases the older PC’s are not worth the labor invested in them. Often times its better to buy a new desktop from one of the major electronic stores. Name brand PC’s are now available under $450. You end up with a new PC with warranty, new operating system, faster processor more memory etc. BossHelp can then help move data from the old PC to the new one and get it connected to your network and reconfigure email.

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