bosshelp-topBossHelp Technical Consultants provides IT support for many small businesses in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.   We take on the burden of understanding and managing IT problems.    We let owners and managers focus on running their businesses and we focus on the IT tasks.

    • We want to be the IT Department for your small business. We can be your trusted partner in navigating all the options.
    • Are you running a small business in DFW that has 2-200 computers or more but cant afford full time technical help ?Would you like to be able to quickly contact a local company that specializes in helping small business like yourself ?
    • Are you looking to find someone you can trust to “deal with ” the IT issues at your home or business ?
    • Would you like to get the type of computer support that the top executives at the nations high Tech companies receive ?  Tired of the frustration of having to rely on first level support from tech support lines ?  We can provide you the same exact support that c- level executives are accustomed to.
    • Interested in setting up an online community ? We have 18 years experience building, securing and hosting online communities. We can provide a turn key experience setting up and hosting the community for you at reasonable prices.
    • Are you interested in putting up your companies first web page and don’t know where to start ?  We can help you get a domain name registered, a one or two page “business card” web site with contact info up, and hosted for a year at a top tier hosting company for $200.  We are interested in helping people get started on the web.  If your web site needs are advanced we can help you find a full service company to handle the ongoing maintenance.
    • Are you concerned about the security of your PC that is connected to Fiber, DSL or Cable ??  Worried about getting hacked ?
    • Interested in setting up a network in your home or small business ?
    • Has your company struggled getting reliable 802.11 Wireless network? Would you like to be able to connect to internet at home using your work laptop using the same technology ?
    • Would you like to be able to check your email from your laptop anywhere in the house ?   In your bed ?  In the kitchen ? While Barbecuing ?We can provide extensive Computer forensics services:
    • Are you battling Nimda, Klez, mellisa, fake antivirus  or any of the other recent viruses that are swimming around ?  We have extensive Virus, and malware eradication experience
    • Have you deleted, formatted or FDISK’ed a hard drive and need data recovered from it ? As long as the disk is not physically damaged we can likely quickly recover that data
    • Interested in what someone may or may not be doing to your PC over the Internet or the network ?
    • We are a Kroll Ontrack Partner

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