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We offer remote support to connect to your machine to quickly fix problems

Full Install- Windows
Remote Access and Support over the Internet with TeamViewer Download Teamviewer BossHelp Remote Support

Quick Install- Windows

Download BossHelp Teamviewer QuickStart Download BossHelp Teamviewer QuickStart

Teamviewer Host

BossHelp Teamviewer Host - For Servers BossHelp Teamviewer Host - For Servers

Full Install- MAC OSX

Remote Access and Support over the Internet with TeamViewer Download TeamViewer BossHelp Remote Support for MAC

  • We want to be the IT Department for your small business. We can be your trusted partner in navigating all the options

  • Are you running a small business that has 2-200 computers or more but cant afford full time technical help ?Would you like to be able to quickly contact a local company that specializes in helping small business like yourself ?

  • Are you looking to find someone you can trust to "deal with " the IT issues at your home or business ?

  • Worried about retaining your contacts, resume, pictures or other personal data prior to an impending layoff ? I can help you backup your Blackberry or export your contacts to a format that you can take with you. Many people don't have a personal PC or a personal email. I can help with those things as well. I am a blackberry admin with lots of experience with these tasks.
  • Would you like to get the type of computer support that the top executives at the nations high Tech companies receive ?  Tired of the frustration of having to rely on first level support from tech support lines ?  We can provide you the same exact support that c- level executives are accustomed to.

  • Interested in setting up an online community ? We have 14 years experience building, securing and hosting online communities. We can provide a turn key experience setting up and hosting the community for you at reasonable prices.

  • Are you interested in putting up your companies first web page and don't know where to start ?  We can help you get a domain name registered, a one or two page "business card" web site with contact info up, and hosted for a year at a top tier hosting company for $200. 

  • Are you concerned about the security of your PC that is connected to DSL/Cable ??  Worried about getting hacked ?

  • Interested in setting up a network in your home or small business ? 

  • Has your company started using 802.11 Wireless network? Would you like to be able to connect to internet at home using your work laptop using the same technology ?

  • Would you like to be able to check your email from your laptop anywhere in the house ?   In your bed ?  In the kitchen ? While Barbecuing ? 

  • Are you interested in setting up a Web site but don't know where to start ?  We are interested in helping people get started on the web.  If your web site needs are advanced we can help you find a full service company to handle the ongoing maintenance.

    We can provide extensive Computer forensics services:
  • Are you battling Nimda, Klez, mellisa, fake antivirus  or any of the other recent viruses that are swimming around ?  We have extensive Virus, and malware eradication experience
  • Have you deleted, formatted or FDISK'ed a hard drive and need data recovered from it ? As long as the disk is not physically damaged we can likely quickly recover that data
  • Interested in what someone may or may not be doing to your PC over the Internet or the network ?

  • We are a Kroll Ontrack Partner
  • If you need data recovery and we couldnt solve it - Click the logo for more information and to take advantage of my partner resources amd discounts

  • BossHelp can help with All these things